Kharagodha is 2 hours journey by car,
only 100 kms from Ahmedabad. In the environs
of Kharagodha the visitor will find old palaces,
some in ruinous state.
r. Zinzuwad Dunlop, first Collector of Ahmedabad district prepared a report dated October 2, 1820, called Salt Monopoly in Bombay Presidency.
the fort is a thousand years old. Dhama is the birthplace of Rani (Queen) Shakti Devi, the Queen of Patdi. There are interesting legends surrounding her life. Halwad is the ancient capital of the Jhala Rajputs, whose fine palaces, buildings, and other relics exist in good condition.
also has old palaces of the Jhala kings. For devoted Jains or students of history there is the Sankheshwar Temple to look at. At Patan, towards the north is Rani-ni-Wav , an historical subterranean step-well. Towards Delhi is the Bahucharaji Temple, and another Sun Temple of Modhera built during the Solanki dynasty. Anyone planning to go South-
wards can drive towards Rajkot and pass by the
Sasan Gir , or better known as the Gir forest, the last habitat of the Asiatic Lion.
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