All this-at affordable prices!
Guest Room(seven are ready, Six and more will be functional soon) have a comfortable and homely atmosphere in this small resort. We provide all meals , from bed tea (the traditional Chhota Haziri) right up to dinner (all provided in the tariff).
Jeep Trips will be provided at reasonable cost for forays into the desert. Professional expert Birder is optional.
Soon we will arrange Camel ride in the desert or even a back safari. Precious objects, valuables and money can kept in safe custody of the Outpost safe. There is every kind of connectivity , telephone, internet etc. in this remote desert. Tap water is clean and good enough for a hot or cold bath, but for drinking there an RO system and also bottled mineral water at all times. There are cool drinks, milk, hot tea and coffee confectionery, cigarettes and even cigars at reasonable prices.
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