uring  the last  one and half  decades famous  birders, naturalists,  and environ- mental experts preferred to visit our place in Kharagodha.They were not just amateurs, enthusiasts or casual twitchers,
but genuine specialists or professionals in the field, some of who are world-renowned: William S. Clark , Raptologist; PeterBloom , Fish & Game Biologist, California; Belinda Wright , Wildlife Conservator; K. S. Lavkumar Khachar , Naturalist; Rishad Naoroji , Raptologist; and Sarfraz Malik , Raptologist & Consulting Birder, to name a few. In fact, Sarfraz suggested the very apt name for the resort. Kharagodha was actually a Desert Outpost on the preventive line, from 1848 to 1891, since the area was strategically located, as if jutting into the desert.
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