s mentioned before, when the rains arrive in North Gujarat innumerable seasonal streams and rivers flood this parched region, and the area is transformed into a veritable paradise for birds ----- a vast marshland that hosts
these distinguished visitors: tens of thousands of flamingos, cranes, storks, pelicans and a variety of other water birds. The spot is uniquely rare, in that there are flamingo cities, where flamingos breed! Soon thereafter, a variety of raptors------- buzzards, eagles, harriers and hawks conclude their long journey from the freezing Western Palaearctic.
At the Rann the sheer number and variety of this annual bird migration is amazing. The mystique of this magnificent spectacle prompted the management of The Pioneer Magnesia Works Limited to open its doors to people from all over the world.
The Desert Outpost invites all who are keen on enjoying bird recognition to come and observe the unusual fauna----- the wild ass, the blue bull, desert fox, wolf, et al; or simply relax and enjoy nature, play badminton, or sit around campfires.
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