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ncreasing eco-consciousness, especially in the last decade has prompted the owners of this historic company (PMW) to convert its old British Colonial Inspection Bungalow and Guest Houses into a desert resort. The motivation came partly from within—
the spectacular impact of bird migrations is so strong on the human mind that even a person who is not a keen birder is inadvertently drawn into it, and can get totally involved in this amazing activity. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to invite visitors and offer modest but comfortable lodging, pleasant meals with good facilities etc.
Forest Department Charges
For indian For Foreigner
Rs. 400/- per day (Monday to Friday for 6 persons ) Rs. 2800/- per day (Monday to Friday for 6 persons )
Rs. 500/- per day (Saturday & Sunday for 6 persons ) Rs. 3500/- per day (Monday to Friday for 6 persons )